Dr. Labrousse’s Story

About Dr. Labrousse

I have many passions that I am devoted to but the one that tops all of them is being a mother. There were many moments when I thought my chance of being a mother was unreachable because of my unexplainable infertile diagnosis. After many years, multiple miscarriages, and several failed IVF, I just knew I would never conceive naturally. Although I had my husband and family by my side, I felt defeated and alone.


Willing to try again, my mother introduced me to a series of holistic treatments. After three months of using them consistently, I was able to conceive naturally. I came up with the idea to combine my background in bio-medical sciences to organically design these herbal supplements. I fell into my purpose of not only becoming a mother, but also creating Fey Essence to help other women who have ridden the same emotional roller coaster as me. I hope you enjoy these products and that you find just as much success with them, as I have.